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August 20
I've got a sister, (well, not really,)
But I never realized just how much I'd miss her,
I couldn't stay away, I had to come back and say,
"You are my sister through and through,
I simply can't live without you."
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 1 2
Rule Maker,
People Hater,
Life Taker,
Soul Owner,
Leading Loner,
Evil Cloner,
War Donor,
Hand Shaker,
Deal Breaker,
High Staker,
Guiltless Faker,
Skill Honer,
Truth Stoner,
Death Loaner,
Killing Toner.
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 1 6
LOLOL Sketch Dump by ShoeEngardetheCat LOLOL Sketch Dump :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 4 My Necklace Thing by ShoeEngardetheCat My Necklace Thing :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 3 18
WP Application--Platinus
Name: Platinus
Sex: Unknown (presumably male)
Species: Metagross
Birthdate: December 21
Job: General
Clan: Pokemon
Country: Cladoria
Moves: Earthquake, Psychic, Hammer Arm, Gyro Ball, Meteor Mash, Toxic, Body Slam, Charge Beam, Sandstorm
Abilities: Clear Body and Heatproof
Personality: Platinus has a tendency to rub off as brash and unsympathetic, but that's typically if you only see him as a general. when he isn't doing his job, he is much more collected, and sometimes seems a bit withdrawn. When not helping run the country, he can often be found reading a book, or even drawing. He developed a love for drawing for two reasons, A: with his psychic attack, he can draw with multiple pencils pens etc. at once, allowing for very detailed pictures. B: He often draws out or studies maps, so he finds it good practice. Although he may seem mean, Platinus puts the nation and its people before him.
Description: Platinus is a normal Metagross, aside from his silver eyes, hence his name. He also t
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 1 16
Name: Lloyd Trinity
Nicknames: Trin, Tri, Try.
Age: 14-15ish
Relationship: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Bio: One of three people trapped in an experiment gone wrong. He, along with the other two have only a few memories, but each have been giver a certain strength. Lloyd's is dexterity, specifically speed and balance. Driven mostly by a want for his memories back, he and the other two must solve the puzzle presented before them. He is typically shy and quiet, but quite outgoing after you get to know him. He isn't very trusting, even if you've known him for a while. Often ends up as a leader against his will.
Weapon of Choice: Lance and a Bow, and a Shield on each arm.
Species: Homo Sapien
Fears and Weaknesses: Hates snakes. Often merciful, allowing for an easy counterattack. Also afraid of fire because of an unremembered traumatizing experience
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 5
Ink and Blade
The pen is never mighty compared to the sword.
Blots of ink
Surely can't sink
A boat of soldiers headed toward.
Swords are drawn, guns clink,
The force moves ever on.
In their way stands a lone opponent,
His sword, his pen, is drawn.
A flick of his wrist, and the force is split,
A flourish and stroke,
An army of his own,
They have spoke.
Day after day, the seed of war are sown,
Until one man stands alone.
He is victorious again,
The sword is never mighty compared to the pen.
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 1 4
Piano Master
Playing the melody just right,
Improvising on a sea of black and white,
Arpeggio, scale, chord and dynamic arc,
Not a professional but I'm making my mark,
Observe the tempo as the music gets faster,
I am going to be
A piano master
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 3 5
GOT IT by ShoeEngardetheCat GOT IT :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 26 Emotion Eeveelution: Exci by ShoeEngardetheCat Emotion Eeveelution: Exci :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 5 8 Trainer Card by ShoeEngardetheCat Trainer Card :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 2 19 Spider Jockey by ShoeEngardetheCat Spider Jockey :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 3 Okay Then by ShoeEngardetheCat Okay Then :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 13 Zane The Titanium Minun by ShoeEngardetheCat Zane The Titanium Minun :iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 7 25
Conversation with Cleverbot
User: Who is ShoeEngardetheCat?
Cleverbot: She is my queen.
User: ShoeEngardetheCat is male.
Cleverbot: Okay.
User: Who is ShoeEngardetheCat?
Cleverbot: A person.
User: You are very smart.
Cleverbot: I feel feelings, i'm a human.
User: I never said you weren't.
Cleverbot: You're pretty clever yourself.
User: Thanks.
Cleverbot: You're welcome.
User: Objection!
Cleverbot: Oh you are sad.
User: Hold it!
Cleverbot: Take that!
User: Not So Fast!
Cleverbot: I don't know about that. I'm responding quicker than you sometimes.
User: Eureka!
Cleverbot: I am very pretty!
User: Goodbye.
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 3 6
TSS CH 1: The 'B' Team
                                      The "B" Team
We had quite the team. Mixed, arguable, but effective. First, me: I'm an Umbreon. Ghostly white fur, lime green eyes, deep blue rings, the color of arctic waters. I've also got a few in mismatched places, three on my tail, one on each leg, and one right in the middle of my body. Completely symmetrical, though, until you reach my ears. One ring on each ear, the left one on a diagonal, the right one on the inverse of that diagonal. I'm mainly the team's silvertounge. You'll be hard pressed to find a smoother talker. Trust me, I've had years of practice.
Next up: Solstice, an Espeon. She joined up a little after I did. The only real abnormal thing about her is that the inside of her ears are black, her eyes, crimson red, and a turquoise forehead gem. S
:iconshoeengardethecat:ShoeEngardetheCat 0 8

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THIS IS AMAZING. I CAN NOW GIVE CRITIQUES. :iconmegroostaplz: anyways... that is amazing. and accurate. mostly. I'm not really going to critique this, b...


Alright, I'm a loser with a computer who wants points, so....

I'm opening Minecraft Skin Commissions!


I will be taking up to 5 at a time.



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